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foster стимулировать

assume предполагать

claim претензия

invoice фактура

syllabus учебный план

ensure обеспечивать

redundancy избыточность

performance исполнение

prospect перспектива

output выход

efficient эффективный

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28.09.2017 13:28 @sia_angel12
Сourse books (whether conventional or digital) have been developed by pedagogical experts and designed to be incorporated into a subject syllabus.
28.09.2017 13:04 @sia_angel12
Тhere will always be a place for course books in
the school curriculum, despite the many benefits of the Internet.
28.09.2017 12:53 @sia_angel12
The workforce in Northern Europe is skilled, but it’s also inflexible and much older than in other parts of the world.
26.09.2017 14:42 @sia_angel12
verb = to make someone redundant
In my home town, the textile factories have closed and many people have been made redundant.
25.09.2017 14:38 @sia_angel12
People are working long hours these days, and so their work/life balance is affected, leading to stress.
25.09.2017 14:18 @sia_angel12
The problem with such leisure-based subsidies is that their efficacy is virtually impossible to quantify.
25.09.2017 14:16 @sia_angel12
These matters are all easier to measure,especially in performance reviews and appraisals, and may even help to reduce the risk of
redundancy if the company restructures, downsizes or outsources
its workforce.